RingCentral Engage Digital’s Service Level Agreement

Last updated : July 11, 2019


The Client acknowledges that the Engage Digital Service is dependent on access to various third parties (e.g. social networks like Facebook and Twitter, authentication servers etc.) and that RingCentral France is not liable for any unavailability, delays, incidents or service interruptions affecting the Engage Digital Service or the performance of the Engage Digital Service, caused by those third parties.

RingCentral France may not be held liable, in any circumstances whatsoever, for any errors or bugs in the equipment or software of those third parties or for any problems affecting the Internet, on which the Engage Digital Service is based. 

The Parties also agree that periods of scheduled maintenance notified by RingCentral France in advance will not be taken into account when calculating the penalties for breaches of service commitments.

1/ Incident Management

          - Severity Level

Incidents are classified according to their level of severity:

  1. Level 1: “critical incident” rendering the Engage Digital Service unusable by the Client’s customers and/or by the Client.
  2. Level 2: “major incident” preventing the Client from exploiting the Engage Service in nominal conditions AND leading to a substantial drop in productivity.
  3. Level 3: “anomalies” rendering the Engage Digital Service non-compliant with the Specifications without having any major impact on its use and/or exploitation.

Incidents are handled by RingCentral France, which guarantees the following response and repair times:

Incident level Applicable period Response time

Repair time

1: critical incidents 24/7 1 hour

6 hours

2: major incidents

9:30 - 12:30

14:00 - 18:00, business days

4 hours

48 hours

3: anomalies

9:30 - 12:30

14:00 - 18:00, business days

8 hours  10 days


The guaranteed times start to run when the incident is reported to RingCentral France for the first time:

      - by the Client, via a notification to the technical support team or the hotline.

The guaranteed times only run during the applicable period.

Incident tickets opened by the Client must state:

      - the name of the person opening the ticket,

      - his/her email address and mobile or telephone number,

      - the priority level assigned to the incident (for example, level 2),

      - the severity of the incident (impact assessment),

      - the actual start date,

      - a precise description of the incident and any past events before the incident,

      - the one or more browsers and the operating system used, to demonstrate the incident,

      - all information required for a thorough understanding of the incident (screenshots, etc.).


If the guaranteed repair times are not met, the following penalties will apply:

      - For critical incidents, 5% of the monthly user licence fee for each hour of delay 

The amount of the penalty will be deducted from the next invoice issued by RingCentral France.


      - Disaster Recovery Plan

RingCentral France has a disaster recovery plan.

RingCentral France has one single production data centre, where the server infrastructure is located. However, the database is backed up to a second data centre each night.

We agree to the following objectives for the data:

      - RPO: Recovery Point Objective 

Recovery objective for the data as stored X hours before the incident

      - RTO: Recovery Time Objective

Recovery time objective for that data 

Incident Reference period RPO RTO
Loss of database server 24/7 4 hours

8 hours

Loss of data centre 24/7 24 hours 3 days


2/ Service Levels

      - Objectives and Scope

The objectives of this service level agreement are to:

      - allow the Client and RingCentral France to objectively determine the expected quality levels for the Engage Digital Service,
      - provide a mechanism for assessing the service level provided by RingCentral France,
      - improve the management and visibility of the service level provided by RingCentral France,
      - remove all subjectivity and ambiguity, by documenting the management process.


      - Service Availability

The availability commitment for the Engage Digital Service (and the APIs) is 99.50%, disregarding any scheduled periods of unavailability for preventive maintenance notified in advance.

The availability of the Engage Digital Service is calculated once a month, using HTTP requests automated by monitoring service providers (Pingdom), whose system of decentralised servers regularly monitors whether the expected response is in fact received.

It measures whether the technical interfaces are operational and not user perceptions.

If RingCentral France breaches the availability commitment set out above, through its sole fault, the amount payable for the SaaS will be reduced in accordance with the following principles:

Service availability rate (calculated monthly)

Effective payment/Amount of the user licence
99.5% or higher 100%
between 98% and 99.5% 90%
Between 95% and 98% 75%
Between 90% and 95% 50%
Lower than 90%  0%

The reduction will be applied to the next invoice issued by RingCentral.


      - Performance Commitments

RingCentral France uses Apdex (Application Performance Index) to measure the performance of the Engage Digital  Service. 

The standard Apdex is used to measure the degree of satisfaction, for all types of use. The Apdex method converts many measurements into one number (index) on a uniform scale of 0 to 1 (0 = no users satisfied, 1 = all users satisfied). 

The resulting Apdex score is a numerical measure of user satisfaction with the performance of web services. This index can be used to compare the degree of satisfaction taking into account actual user experience and the objectives defined for each service. The Apdex formula is the number of satisfied samples plus half of the tolerating samples, divided by all the samples: 

Apdex scoret = (Satisfied count + Tolerating count/2)/Total samples, where the subscript t is the target time, and the tolerable time is 4 times the target time.

Example: if there are 100 samples with a target time of 3 seconds, where 60 are below 3 seconds, 30 are between 3 and 12 seconds, and the remaining 10 are above 12 seconds, the Apdex score is:
(60 + 30/2 )/100 = 0.75

The reference tool for Apdex measurements is UpDown (http://updown.io).

RingCentral France warrants that the one-second Apdex (Apdex(1s)) for the Engage Digital Service will be higher than nine tenths (0.9).

Apdex performance (calculated daily)

Effective payment/Amount of the user licence
0.9 or higher 100%
Lower than 0.9 0%


A reduction of 1/30th of the monthly licence fee will be applied to the next invoice issued by RingCentral France SAS for each day that the commitment is breached.

In the event that the performance commitments are breached due to the unavailability of the Engage Digital Service, the Parties agree that the reduction applied to the user licence will be calculated using the maximum reduction available under the highest metric.


3/ Technical Support/Hotline


  1 - Critical Incidents 2 - Major Incidents 3 - Anomalies

The hotline made available to the Client by RingCentral France covers:

      - responding to critical incidents (level 1) only

      - handling and resolving those incidents

The technical support service provided to the Client by RingCentral France (where the Client has ordered that service) covers:

      - Advice and support for the use of the Service

      - Identification of operating anomalies

      - Incident investigation and troubleshooting

      - Production of incident reports

      - Implementation of corrective patches


Available: 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in France).

Contact: +33 1 77 37 27 54



Available: 24/7

Contact: +33 8 11 48 58 22

n/a n/a
Escalation Procedure

If the response to or handling of an incident by RingCentral France technical support team or hotline is considered to be insufficient or unavailable (at times where the support services are closed), the Client may contact the escalation officer:

      - by calling: +33 6 86 94 11 20

      - by emailing: escalade@ringcentral.com


4/ Change Management

To the extent possible, RingCentral France  shall ensure that upgrades to the Engage Digital Services are rolled out on an opt-in basis, meaning that their actual implementation in the Client’s configuration is optional and at the Client’s discretion.

RingCentral France shall inform the Client of any changes, new functionalities or updates to the Engage Digital Service that could:

  • add value for users or operators,
  • modify its operating procedures.

That information must be provided at least 10 days prior to the roll out of the changes. 

If upgrades are mandatory and the Client cannot opt out, the Client may validate those changes or request adjustments. In the latter case, RingCentral shall implement those adjustments to the extent possible and reschedule the roll out.

The Client acknowledges that the Engage Digital Service proposed by RingCentral France is a shared service and that it cannot refuse changes requested by other RingCentral customers.


5/ Reporting/Steering Committee

Monthly meetings may be arranged between the Parties to check that RingCentral France complies with this service level agreement.

At those meetings, RingCentral France will submit a report containing:

  • an incident review (number, duration, cause),
  • an availability review (availability rate over the relevant period, number of times the Engage Digital Service was unavailable, aggregate period of unavailability),
  • a performance review.


6/ Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance on the Engage Digital Service must be scheduled one week in advance. RingCentral shall inform the Client of the period of maintenance and any foreseeable effects on the Engage Digital Service.  Any interruption to the Engage Digital Service must be scheduled for off-peak times where possible.